Lyrics: Betti Gefecht - Do The Right Thing

Don't mess up with the do's and don'ts
Easy: follow the golden rules
As I told you recently
You have to show some decency to win my love...

Don't squeeze a frog too tight
Just treat your old dog allright
Don't try to breathe under water
Don't eat the flowers that you brought her
Don't touch open fire
Don't trust a liar

Don't stay in bed all day
Don't speak of love if you won't stay
Don't you ever bet if you can't beat them
Don't call calves cute if you're goin' to eat them
Don't waste a fair chance
It's all in you hands

Can you, can you, can you do the right thing?
Don't pull the brake while you're in a looping
Just do the right thing

Do what your heart tells you to do
Start a new when you are through
It is always up to you
For you can do the right thing, try!
Once failed, twice missin', I don't give a shit
Try again, I will listen, just don't quit!

Can you, would you, will you do the right thing?
Don't miss the train you oughta catch in the morning
Just do the right thing...